Detailing Portfolio

Here is a selection of work that I have undertaken. I aim to keep this updated with particularly specialist or interesting commissions that have been completed.

Mercedes R107 SL Leather Restoration

I was invited to see what improvements could be made to the leather seats of this late Mercedes R107 300 SL and it appeared that the car has clearly seen some enjoyment! As you can see, the side bolster of the driver's seat was so worn that it had actually made a hole straight through and this in combination with engrained grime and a lot of cracking was making the interior appear very tired and neglected - in contrast to the rest of the car. With the seats removed, deep-cleaned and the affected areas masked appropriately I was soon able to fill the hole and strengthen the exposed fibres before carefully filling the cracks to produce a smooth, unblemished surface ready for a fresh coating of colour.

Having already had the interior colour-matched to a trim sample the first light coating was applied by sponge to the most damaged areas to ensure it was absorbed by the exposed fibres of the leather. Then the whole seat and passenger seat received several thin coats applied by airbrush to ensure an even finish and colour, before 4 coats of sealant were applied to match the light gloss finish of the rest of the interior.

Often referred to as "connolising" or, indeed, "reconnolising" thanks to the prevalence of the Connoly Brothers' hides in the British Motor Industry, the process I use is a localised version of that used in the production of automotive leather upholstery which ensures not only a high standard of repair, but also longevity meaning that with the proper care the restored finish will last as long as (or longer than) the original! Most types of damage can be repaired, from cigar burns to rips, tears, cracks and general wear. Do get in touch if you would like a quotation in this regard.

McLaren MP4-12C ChipEx Scratch Repair

I was recently called upon by a fellow detailer to help with the repair of a jagged scratch on the rear wing of this lovely McLaren. The paint had been gouged through the lacquer and colour, down to the primer and was certainly not going to polish out, so the necessary paint was ordered from ChipEx and I set about filling the defect with paint - layer by layer - to fill the scratch. A total of 4 thin layers were needed to bring the repair up to a level just proud of the surrounding bodywork.

Once the paint had been left to cure for around 30-minutes, a light wetsand using 2500-grit wet and dry paper flatted and blended the repair with the existing surface whilst causing minimal damage to the surrounding bodywork. And then a compound was used by machine to remove the sanding marks and a final finishing polish brought the area back to the same mirror shine as the rest of the car. These jobs on composite panels can be quite tricky, but having learned from my extensive experience of these substrates I was confident that I could achieve a practically invisible repair. If you have any unsightly scratches or stonechips on your car, ChipEx could be the perfect solution. Get in touch to see how I can combine this service with any detailing package.

DeLorean Stainless Steel Re-graining

Ever the lover of the unusual and eager to further my skills, during the last few month months I spent a long time researching and honing stainless steel regraining techniques and tooling. Having worked (until my fingers bled at times) up to a point where I was happy on a flat sheet, I was honoured to be granted the opportunity to work on this fantastic car, and have since carried-out similar work on several others.

Although stainless steel is a very hard-wearing product it does pick-up greasy fingerprints which dull the surface finish, and scratches alter the lines of the panels causing shiny spots and irregularities. The idea of regraining is to bring back uniformity to the panels and refresh the finish to how it rolled out of the factory. Totally different to traditional car polishing which is all about lubrication as well as abrasion along with circular motions of machine polishers, the De Lorean relies on straight lines and quite harsh abrasives to "cut" the lines back into the surface and score away unwanted marks.

I can offer Stainless Steel or Aluminium brushing and regraining, either by hand or machine, in isolation or as part of a larger Classic and Sportscar detailing package.

Contact me for further details.

Cobra Kitcar Care

My expertise in Fibreglass Car Detailing means I often get to play with some awesome machines like this Dax Sports Cars AC Cobra Replica. With a 6.3 litre Chevrolet V8 engine under the bonnet, I reckon it probably hustles along quite nicely - being roughly the same weight as my shoe!

Despite being a fresh build, the car was suffering from a lot of surface swirls and marring from the build process but after a thorough wash, degrease and decontamination a single-stage polish reduced the defects to a minimum (although not perfect) and an application of Prima Car Care Epic wax should seal the finish for the summer months. The Halibrand replica wheels were deep cleaned and polished along with all the bright work and bumpers using Britemax metal polishes, before the look was completed by dressing the tyres with a matte product, designed for longevity.

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