1964 Daimler Dart SP250

This car was used as the Classic Details and Professional Valeters & Detailers Trade Association show car for the 2015 Summer Season. The work started at the Chateau Impney Hillclimb Revival where a portion of the car was detailed "live" on the stand.

After the first show it was brought to a colleague's studio in Gloucestershire to facilitate a more in-depth detail of just the passenger-side of the car to demonstrate the difference which can be made by a professional.

Finally, after the Car Care Industry show WaxStock had been attended with the car being the entrance piece, it was once again returned to Gloucestershire for the driver-side to be brought up to the standard of the other half before being safely returned to its ecstatic owner.

1955 Chevy - Detail and Patina Preservation

This was an absolute joy and one of those jobs that I love to get really stuck into. Recently imported, this car was suffering from heavily oxidised paint on the bonnet and bootlid under which was a beautifully patinated finish that the owner was desperate to protect. Thankfully my work on older cars means that this is nothing unusual and a combination of the correct chemicals and techniques allowed removal of the oxidised paint to even out the colour across the car.

Once this was complete, the sides and lower parts were polished to achieve a high shine and the chrome - although worn and pitted in places - received a lot of attention to achieve the mirror finish you see in the pictures. Of course, this is worthless without applying the proper protection to ensure the freshly exposed paintwork doesn't degrade to the same state as before, so two types of sealant were applied to give long lasting protection without affecting the properties of the paintwork. All in all an absolutely stunning result! Not everyone seeks a flawless finish for their car. Whilst the "rat look" scene takes this to extremes by falsely ageing, some want to preserve the patination that classic and vintage vehicles gather over time. Conversely to popular belief it takes a lot more work to maintain and protect fragile, worn paintwork than it does to make it shiny!

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