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Classic Details specialises in the cosmetic restoration and show preparation of Classic, Sports and Prestige Cars whilst also offering a wide range of valeting and detailing services to suit all budgets and vehicles.

Based in the West of England, bespoke detailing services can be provided throughout the UK, Europe and Worldwide by negotiation.

Detailing News

  • Practical Classics Article

    Restoring Classic Car PaintworkDo check out the recent edition of Practical Classics Magazine.  Good chum Danny Hopkins brought his rather faded Wolseley to us for some loving attention and as specialists in older paint types, we brought a lustrous shine back to the car.

    It is amazing what we can achieve for a fraction of the price of a respray!

    Get in touch to see how we can save you money and maintain the originality of your cherished Classic or Vintage Car through


  • Now listed on International Classic Car Informer

    With the business changes, we felt the need to spread the word further and therefore we have chosen to list the company on International Classic Car Informer.

    Please see here for further details - ICCI

  • Kind of a Big Deal...

    Classic Car Detailing, Vintage Car Engine Bay Detail

    I am delighted to announce that Classic Details is now part of the UK Detailing group of companies.  The name will live on as a Trading Style of UK Detailing Ltd but it opens the door to all sorts of interesting opportunities - not least our fantastic 1,500sqft facility in The Cotswolds, near Cirencester where all sorts of Automotive Wonders can be found.

    We are now able to undertake far more in-depth commissions with a climate-controlled detailing bay, wet area and seperate clean space for Ceramic Coatings and Paint Protection Film.

    Do not hesitate to give us a call and find out what we can do to, preserve and protect your most cherished possession...

  • Classic Details is a Swissvax Authorised Detailer

    Swissvax Authorised Detailer Rather chuffed to announce that after a gruelling assessment Classic Details is now an official Swissvax Authorised Detailer.  Stay tuned for details of how Swissvax will be added to our portfolio.

About Classic Details

Richard detailing Princess Anne's Scimitar

As a young volunteer at the East Anglia Railway Museum tasked with polishing the brightwork of steam locomotives at the age of 10, something clearly clicked and so began an ongoing passion for Vintage locomotives and motorcars which continues to this day.

Reaching adulthood I was finally able to realise this enthusiasm and in 2004 I was fortunate to be invited to help a local car club titivate their exhibits at shows and exhibitions which inevitably led to requests from members to have their cars prepared for the shows and soon I became the go-to guy for Concours preparation. Of course, word spread and before long I was receiving requests from other sources to perform my fluffing services on other people's motorcars, including one notable Royal request! My experience began to evolve with the development of additional skills and I even started working on modern cars!

By now a thriving part-time business the time came for serious decisions to be made and finally, in 2013, Classic Details came to be. Since then I have not looked back as the company goes from strength to strength, building a reputation for the sympathetic preservation of motoring icons, maximising vehicles' appearance and making each example the best it can be whilst protecting patina where required to ensure history is not lost.

Detailing Services

Your car, be it a Vintage Racing Car or Modern Hot Hatch, deserves the very best. Even though the services I offer are tailored to each client's individual requirements you will find below a general range of services upon which our discussions can be based. These can be undertaken either in isolation or in combination to achieve the results you desire.

Alternatively, please contact me and I will be pleased to visit and appraise your vehicle or collection in person but do be aware that this may attract a small fee which will then be discounted from any work you commission us to undertake.


Exterior Valet (from £ 60)

A complete exterior cleanse of the vehicle using safe washing techniques and soft microfibre mitt and cloths. All external surfaces are washed including wheels, panel gaps and shut panels and tar spots are removed. Once clean your car is rinsed and dried before a spray sealant is applied to protect the finish for 1-3 months.

Full Valet (from £ 90)

Including an exterior valet with the addition of a full interior dust, vacuum and steamclean to cleanse, freshen and rejuvenate your carpets, upholstery and trim. Any leather receives a deep clean to moisturise the hide and ensure it remains supple and comfortable.


Enhancement Detail (from £ 300)

Following a full cleanse and decontamination to ensure a virgin surface, your car is carefully masked to protect delicate areas before a single-stage machine polish is undertaken to exfoliate the surface layer of oxidised paintwork, reviving the colour. This process will also remove the thousands of very fine micro-scratches which many years of poor washing techniques will have left behind.

Once complete, the vehicle is treated to an application of wax or sealant depending on use and preference and all trims and tyres are dressed, glass cleaned and protected and chrome polished.

Correction Detail (from £ 500)

As an extension to an Enhancement Detail, further stages of machine polishing can be added to remove deeper marks, pushing the final finish further toward a perfectly smooth surface.


Protection Detail (from £ 150)

As an addition to a valet, a more durable multi-stage sealant is applied to prolong the protection to 6-12 months depending on ongoing aftercare.

Long Life Sealant Application (from £ 250)

A further upgrade, a long-life silicate-based sealant is applied which bonds to the surface of your car at a molecular level ensuring that the protection remains in place for up to 5-years."


Engine Bay Detail (from £ 250)

This is a very in-depth process involving a lot of preparation to ensure all electrical connections and delicate surfaces are protected. Some components may need to be removed to facilitate access, and it will often take a full day or more depending on the level of finish required.

Wheel & Arch Deep Clean (from £ 60)

I would recommend that this be added to a valet to maintain a higher level of cleanliness. The wheels are removed to allow better access to the inner arches and all surfaces are cleaned and dressed and the inner and outer faces of the wheels protected before refitting and torquing to the correct setting.


Leather & Vinyl Restoration

It may surprise you quite the level of damage and wear that can be repaired without having to resort to a costly retrim. Using similar techniques to those employed by tanneries and car seat manufacturers anything from a simple deep clean to a colour change, from a worn bolster to a rip or tear can be almost invisibly repaired. Please contact me for a quotation.

Stonechip & Scratch Repair

As a Chipex Authorised Repairer I can achieve a very high standard of repair on anything from small chips to long scratches and as Chipex is such a fast-curing product I can often do this at your home or workplace.

DeLorean Bodywork, Stainless Steel & Aluminium Graining & Brushing

Having gained valuable experience honing the required skills I offer two types of finish - machine-applied akin to a factory fresh DeLorean or hand-finished to your specification as suits most aluminium-bodied sports and racing cars



Whilst some may strive for automotive perfection and the flawless finish which can be achieved from a Correction Detail, for others a car's history is more important and the preservation of a hard-won patina is more complex than making a car shiny! It is still paramount to achieve a very high standard of cleanliness however as dirt attracts damp which will lead to corrosion.

I have spent countless hours developing techniques to ensure that any desirably flawed finish can still be meticulously cleaned and then further preserved and protected so that it may last for many years to come.

Concours d'Elegance

Perhaps the pinnacle of automotive appearance preparation a potential concours winner is likely to require an element of restoration, be it re-chroming, refurbishment or rejuvenation. I can take the stresses and pressures from you by managing the whole process and commissioning any of my network of specialist craftsmen to undertake any service which I cannot offer myself.

Contact Us

Our own classic Scimitar after a detail

If you would like to contact me for a quotation, to discuss a project or to ask advice regarding the detailing or preservation of your vehicle, please call or or use the contact form shown on the home page of my new company: UKDetailing.

I will endeavour to respond to all emails within 48-hours and should I be unable to take your phone call, please leave me a message with a contact number and I will respond as soon as I am able.

All of your details will be treated with the strictest confidence and won't be passed on to third parties unless you give us explicit permission to do so.

Richard March - Classic Details
Professional Valeters & Detailers Trade Association - Master Trainer

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